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July 11 - Golden Leaf Banquet Center Davenport IA FREE ENTRY

July 19 - Prairie Meadows Convention Center Altoona IA $5 Entry

August 1 - Crowne Plaza Springfield, IL $5 Entry

August 29 - Peoria Civic Center $5 Entry

September 26 - Coralville Marriott Conference Center $5 Entry

October 31 - Dubuque Five Flags Event Center 

December 6 - Burlington IA  Pzazz Event Center

Dec 19 - Riverplex Peoria 


January 31 - Cedar Rapids Doubletree by Hilton Convention Complex 

Please check out the Facebook Page to find out about local discounts & promotions

Quad Con moves around the upper Midwest.  Upcoming shows include Dubuque, Burlington, Davenport, Rockford, and Peoria. 


We are a family friendly event. We give free entry after 2:30 pm.  Before that our entry is just $3 to $5 per person at most events.  Tune into the Facebook page to be alerted to special discounts that may be available at each event. Kids under 12 are always free. Our purpose is to spread the gospel of geekdom!  We welcome all who may have an interest in comic books, sci fi, toys, video games, costumes, and other nerdy 

Free Vending

So, you have some items sitting in the closet that you don't need anymore?  We are here to help.  Quad Con gives you four feet of space for FREE! This is limited to the first 8 inquiries.  ALL vendor inquiries - please email vintagetorque@gmail.com

Cosplay/Video Game Tournament

Each event will have separate schedule.  Please see Facebook event page for prizes, times, and details of each show.

More Vending Info

We are an affordable show.  As a result we do not have a big budget.  What does this mean to you?  We may not be able to accommodate your requests for electricity, wall space, or location.  Vendors - do NOT be late.  If you have not checked in 30 minutes prior to the event - you forfeit your space.  Sorry, no refunds. We prefer payment via Paypal - this way you have a receipt and we have a copy as well.  Please DO NOT PAY without being invoiced.  We are a drama free zone.  If you are causing drama - you will be asked to leave.  If you are a vendor who does not get along with your neighbors - you will not be allowed back to our events.

We Need Your Help!

PLEASE help us get the word out!  This is as simple as sharing info about our event on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Odds are if you want to go....your friends do to.  And they may need to know about the event!  So spread the word - it helps more than you know.  Here is the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/coolstuffquadcon/



How Much?

It depends. We pass the cost of the room rental on to you.  So, if the convention hall charges us $3000, then vendors have to pay more than if we reserved a room that is $1,000.  If you need a spot, please email vintagetorque@gmail.com.  We will send you an invoice via paypal.  Please include your paypal email and do NOT send payment to us without confirmation.  Our events sell out fast. As a result, we can not accept payments without approval/confirmation.

How Many Vendors?

Typically we have 50-75 tables at each event.  We allow a maximum rental of 4 tables at each event.  Sorry, no discount for renting multiple tables at this time.  We have VERY affordable rates.  Shop around and you will find that Quad Con gives you the most bang for your buck.

I want a Free Spot. How do I get it?

We allow about 8 FREE spots for first time vendors or artists at each event.  These free spots are first come first reserved.  Free spot will consist of and 8 foot table that you will SPLIT with another artist or first time vendor.  This means you can NOT have backing display.  You can ONLY have yourself behind the table.  You can not choose your location.  If you are in need of a Free spot - email vintagetorque@gmail.com and we will let you know if there is availability.  Please note artists/vendors can only take advantage of Free Spot once. And free spots are not available to those who have set up at our shows in the past.


Each location we rent is different.  Some places have tables, other places do not.  Please understand that we may have to RENT tables from a party supply location.  This means you will either have to rent tables from us (we do not make any money off the table rentals) or you can bring your own tables.  

How Big is a Vendor Spot?

Typically our vendor spots are 8.5 feet wide x 8 feet deep.  We do NOT sell 10 x 10 spots at most locations.  One of the reasons our prices are so affordable is that we do NOT have 10 x 10 spots.  Please understand we will not have pipe and drapes either.

Vendor Conduct

Quad Con is a Drama Free Zone.  If you are a vendor who upsets customers or fellow vendors....  You will not be asked to come back.  We are out to bring positivity to the Nerd World.  Negativity will not be tolerated. This includes social media and emails.  We are a fan run show.  There are many other shows out there and we urge you to be a part of those shows as well.  

Contact Us

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PO Box 1733, Bettendorf, IA 52722, US

(563) 332-1947


10am - 4pm

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